Community Involvement


Our Involvnment in Our Local Community Events - Having Fun


Ballarat Begonia Festival

Here we are just before the Ballarat Begonia Festival Parade - the Theme was Flower Power. So we pulled out the 60's & 70's Gear not forgetting the Disco music / strobe lights & disco balls were all dusted off for the event.

We had so much fun with this, Im not sure who had the most fun the children or the adults and we where all still smiling about how much fun it for weeks later. We had all the spectaters including grandmothers, children & even some bikies dancing along with us as we pased them - It was GREAT!!

Begonia Festival



Fionas Walk - Cancer Reaserch

 In 2009 & 2010 Heritage Buslines have provided buses for Fionas Walk in Ballarat to raise money for cancer reaserch 

Royal Children's Hospital Appeal 

Over the last 5 years Heritage Buslines Ballarat have given around $4000.00 to the Royal Childrens Hospital (Good Friday Apeal) + a $500 donation to the fire appeal after the devistating fires in Victoria

Bus Vic (BAV) - Country Group

We travel regularly to Melbourne to attand meetings at Bus Accociation Victoria (BAV) for the Country Group to be a part of shaping the future of the bus industry for all of Victoria to help improve & keep uptodate with whats happening in not only Victoria but around Australia & around the world.

Putting Heritage Buslines & our clients at the forfront of the bus industry to be able to better provide our clients with the most upto date services that are avalible in Victoria, New South Wales & South Australia. 

Bus Opperators Group 

We are regular meetings with with other businesses in Ballarat to improve bus services in the local area & around the state, improving roads, intesetions, areas around schools zones & bus stops and to help improve traffic conjestion around Ballarat & thje local area.